Welcome to the The Mind of Moai!

a Tile-matching puzzle game inspired by the games for Disk Operating Systems

Pile up blocks to gain points by connecting them vertically, horizontally or diagonally
Dropping blocks will affect to the weight of game area. The weight of the column depends on how many blocks the opposite column contains.

Too much weight on a column means game over!

The game includes:

- 3 game modes: "Balance", "Weight" and "Free"
- 2 DOS Graphic modes: EGA & CGA
- "Glorious" PC-Speaker audio effects
- Pixelated representation of Moai Statues


ArrowsSelect blocks
Z(A)Drop selected blocks
X(B)Change block positions
A/S(X/Y)Pause game

Made with #TIC80 for #dosgamesjam

Development log


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Yay for CGA color option! :)

CGA mode is definitely a must thing for games mimicking DOS-aesthetics as it's easily distinguishable if compared to other game platforms. Also, because of the color limitations it was interesting to work with.